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Monday, June 6, 2011

Donation Campaigns Don't Work...Maybe

Although we are going to push forward with attempting to increase donations for our NPO, there are a lot of reasons why donation campaigns do not work in Adwords. The main reason is the demeanor of a typical searcher when they go to enter queries into a search engine. This person is typically focused on themselves whether they are looking for a phone number or information on how to write a resume. Most searchers are in a selfish state of mind and are not looking specifically to donate money to a non-profit. That is not to say that people aren't searching for exactly this purpose however these individuals are few and far between.

Our best bet at this point for increasing donations for Dream Catchers will possibly lay in searchers looking for info on reporting child abuse. This happens to be the fourth or fifth most successful ad group in the NPO's campaign. The reason this may be a good place to start is because the searcher is already starting out in a non-selfish place i.e. they are looking for info in order to help someone other than themselves.

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