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Friday, July 15, 2011

Installing Analytics On Parc Pointe's Website

I couldn't help myself and installed analytics on the website I created for Parc Pointe Apartments. So far there have been 26 visits from 5 states with over 500 page views on different parts of the site. Visitors are spending a lot of time (avg of 2 minutes) on the contact us page which is a good sign. That page features a contact form for prospective residents to fill out if they are interested in touring an apartment or want more information about the site. There isn't a ton of data yet but it looks like things are off to a good start.

Originally I built a custom form using a combination of HTML, Java and CSS and tried to figure out a way to have the form information submitted to an email address without using a CGI program. Turns out that is a lot easier said than done. Thankfully Google Docs offers a service where you can create custom forms and embed them on a website. When users submit the information it is sent to the corresponding gmail account that was used to generate the form. The data appears in a nice little spread sheet that is easy to read and organize. It can also be exported to a third party application such as Excel.

Another task that I am working on is getting the site to appear higher in organic search results. Currently I can get it to show up on the first page but not near the top. I have replaced some of the text in page's title tags with common search terms that people might use such as "apartments in Ann Arbor" or "Ann Arbor Apartment complexes". I have also linked to the site from outside sources such as this blog.

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