Monday, May 2, 2011

Search Marketing and Everything Tech

I have a ton of experience with writing however this is my first attempt at a blog that I will continually update throughout the course of my IS479 semester. Hopefully I can add value for classmates from time to time with this blog. I mean, who writes a blog for no one to read right? Better yet who writes a blog for people to have to read? Long story short this whole thing is starting as an assignment but it would be great if even just one person found it useful at some point. IS479 at Eastern Michigan University is a web marketing course however I love to write about all things happening in the tech/internet world but with impacts on web marketing tied in. With that said, this first post includes a link to an article concerning search marketing that points out the 6 keys to web marketing success (according to its author). I liked it because it highlights the explosive growth of mobile as a conduit to reach consumers.

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