Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dream Catchers For Abused Children Visitor Personas

The persona of a typical Dream Catchers For Abused Children Visitor is taking shape. After looking over the analytics data, some observations can be drawn out about what type of person is coming to the site. We know from our NPO representative that the site is geared toward providing information and awareness of child abuse. They do this by providing statistical information as well as news stories about abuse and neglect of children.

The most successful ad campaign is that of "child abuse statistics" which suggests that there are many people coming to the site for factual numerical data. Perhaps students, researchers or others interested in information of that nature. The majority of visits over the past 30 days (May 5 to June 5, 2011) are from the United States (Over 35,000 visits) and from people speaking U.S. English.

Most visitors (over 34,000) arrived via the Google search engine (paid and non-paid). The bounce rate for this time period is 79.57% suggesting that users are not seeing information on the landing page relevant to their search queries or keywords.

Looking at paid search results, 10,946 visits occurred in the time period May 5 to June 5, 2011 and the bounce rate was 61.41%. Looking at the landing page for the NPO shows that almost no information relevant to ad text or search queries can be found concerning the ad entitled “Child Abuse Statistics”. Users are looking for numerical data and/or factual information concerning child abuse as a whole and are not being given this information. The child abuse statistics ad groups are the most popular in terms of clicks (4,000+ in the past 30 days) suggesting that the most frequent visitors to the Dream Catcher’s site are persons looking for this numerical information for research or reporting purposes.

The next most popular ad is that of “child abuse stories” (3,000+ clicks in the past 30 days). The persona of visitors who click on these ads seems to be similar to that of the statistics campaign however content may be more relevant. The bounce rate for the news and headlines landing page that is connected to the ad is lower at 59.49% for the last 30 days. Still too high but perhaps suggesting that content is more relevant to user queries.

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