Monday, June 6, 2011

Increasing Donations For Dream Catchers

One of the micro goals expressed to us by our NPO is that they would like to increase donations. I’m sure this initiative is in the back of the minds of most NPO managers and our next pet project is to design an ad campaign in Google Adwords to draw in donations for the non-profit. Besides creating a three line text ad (or a few) for the campaign, we need to decide on a good landing page for potential donors to arrive at. The donation page seems to have the best chance of getting the first micro conversion to happen i.e. getting the visitor to click on the “donate” button. There are some usability obstacles to overcome with the site that we may not be able to change right away but we will do our best to work around those road blocks. If we were able to redesign this page to remove some of the clutter and assist visitors in making a donation we believe overall conversions for donations would be much more successful.

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