Monday, June 20, 2011

Inspiring Talk With Real Life Web Marketing Professionals

Just experienced a very inspiring talk in our web marketing practicum class from some marketing professionals. Angelina Vergari and Chad Wiebesick gave very insightful presentations to the class. One of the best ideas I heard was from Chad when talking about “claiming your profile”. He explained that he used a newer site called to combine all of his social media and other related accounts into one place so that interested parties searching for him could learn about who he is.

The best part about the strategy of having a profile on so many different sites is that when someone searches for your name, you will be all over the first and probably the second page of search results no matter what search engine the user plugs your name into. Brilliant! I’m definitely going to investigate that one. I also liked the tip about embedding keywords into your linked in profile based on the companies that you want to find you. In my case and most people in the course, we want to get involved with web marketing in some fashion or another. Chad explains that by embedding keywords such as “search engine marketing”, “SEM”, “SEO”, and other related words, your profile will pop up first or near the top of search results.

The best part of Angelina’s presentation was her explanation of how she transitioned into consulting work from the course. I thought that her comments about the natural progression from working with EMU and Google sponsored non-profit’s to working with “real life” clients was re-assuring. I myself am beginning to contact persons outside the classroom concerning web marketing consulting related work and I thought this helped in easing my anxiety about working with these individuals.

Overall I thought these were some of the best talks we had in Dr. Gibson’s classes. I got some really good ideas for how I want to develop my web presence.

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