Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My First LA2M Event

I am currently sitting at my first LA2M event @ Connor O’neils in Ann Arbor. I’ll have to say that I’m surprised at the organization and accommodation the event provides. I was half expecting to show up and find a bunch of business professionals huddled around some pushed-together tables. Quite the contrary as an entire room is dedicated to the weekly event along with free WIFI and our own dedicated waitress. WOW! I’m definitely making plans to attend this event weekly. Our fearless leader Bud Gibson is also in attendance.

The presentation is about to begin. On the schedule for this week is Word Press vs Drupal and Facebook Optimization.

Each presenter is going over the benefits of using each of the different platforms for building websites. Depending on what you are doing there are pros and cons for each. One notable feature of Wordpress for example is the built in analytical feature that allows users to track visitor behavior to their websites. Tracking page views for example can be a very useful tool for knowing more about the traffic on your site.

Another difference between Wordpress and Drupal are how the platforms can be accessed by users. Wordpress for instance has versions of the software that can be downloaded to a machine so that features can be used whether there is an internet connection or not. Drupal on the other hand leaves users to rely on a third party platform to be accessible as well as an internet connection to be present.

On another note there are a handful of business owners in attendance that are looking for ideas and/or human resources to design and build a website. It is very interesting the type of people that attend this event. I seems like there is a melting pot of different professionals, students, writers, and business owners all coming together to talk about marketing on the web.

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