Sunday, June 5, 2011

What Do Dream Catchers Visitors Do?

To truly determine if the Dream Catchers website is doing a good job at serving the personas that visit, we first have to determine what type of site it is. As we found out from our NPO rep, the site provides free educational and news based content to visitors. No subscription for the content is involved and it is not entirely clear how the site generates revenue although there are donate buttons throughout the different pages. There is even a "subscription" donate button where visitors can elect to sign up for recurring monthly donations. Dream Catchers does not fit perfectly but by all accounts it is a content based site so we can approach conversion optimization from that standpoint.

Because it is a content based site with news articles and facts sprinkled in no particular order or system, it may be difficult to track conversions or decided what a conversion actually is. At this point we could potentially focus on increasing donations as mentioned by our NPO rep. This would be a great way to increase revenue for the site as well as be relatively easy to track as far as micro and macro conversions are concerned.

Macro Conversion

-A Successful donation

Micro Conversions

-Entering an amount to donate
-Clicking the donate button

We will also have to further examine the funnel for donations. Once the donate button is clicked, users are taken to another page (off of the dream catcher site) to the Paypal site to enter either credit card information or their Paypal log in credentials. The button under credit card info says "review donations and continue" where as the Paypal login gives no inclination as to whether a donation will be deducted from the visitors account or if there will be another step in the process.

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