Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Regions Taking Notice Of Parc Pointe Apartments

Data is really picking up on the Parc Pointe Apartments website. There are a total of 66 visits since the site’s inception a few weeks ago. There have been 58 visits from 9 states within the lower 48, 1 visit from Canada (Toronto to be specific), 3 visits from India and still 1 from South Korea. The site has seen the most popularity on the floor plans and features page where visitors can view apartment layouts. Still no information captured in Google docs for showings but it is still early. It may take some form of advertising campaign to really get info pumping through that page yet the complex is at capacity during this time of year so perhaps early on next year there will be more online requests for showings.

One thing I am going to work on is getting style features to show through in Internet explorer. Currently, most traffic arriving at the site is using that browser and subtle design features of the site are not showing through. Particularly border radius properties applied to borders on several portions of the site. This gives the effect of curved corners in Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and other browsers but internet explorer does not recognize this code. I am still looking for an easily implemented alternative so IE users will have to look at boring straight rectangles and squares until I find a change.

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