Saturday, July 30, 2011

Start Date @ Malloy Incorporated Approaches

On August 15th, 2011 I will begin my new career at Malloy Incorporated in Ann Arbor, MI. I am super excited about starting this position for a couple of reasons.

The Traditional Book Printer

Malloy Incorporated is a book manufacturer that has been around for more than 50 years. The company is actually still located in the original building in which it was started although they have grown significantly both as an entity and in square footage. One of the reasons that I am so excited to be a part of Malloy’s mission is that they are not a company that traditionally offered web or search marketing positions. In fact, I never would have thought to look at the company for these positions as opposed to the Pure Visibilities, PWB’s or Fluency Media’s that make Ann Arbor the web marketing hub that it is. My instructor Bud Gibson turned me on the opportunity Malloy was offering and when I interviewed for the spot, I saw a company that is a survivor in it's industry. A company that is well aware of the changes that are taking place in the print and online worlds. Also, a company that knew it must make moves to embrace these changes. And so I feel incredibly honored to be the one chosen to take on the task of building Malloy’s brand online and perhaps offering suggestions for its future in book and content production.

The Many Hats Of Malloy

As I moved through the interview process at Malloy, I realized that everyone in the company I came in contact with had worn different hats in the time they had been there. Some had come in with a particular background and took on other roles at the company. Each person there that I met was very dynamic and well rounded. I found that I had a lot in common in this respect as my background isn’t one of just sales, or just customer service or just web marketing. I have a degree in criminal justice and one in business administration. I have a growing background in web and search marketing as well as many technical talents to compliment these skills. I am also a talented writer and I think that all of these things combined will help me to thrive in the dynamic culture that Malloy and it’s people have created.

As my start date approaches, a flurry of ideas races through my head of the ways Malloy can develop a web presence and translate that into growth for the company. I feel like the business has nowhere to go but up and the opportunities for development in the online world are infinite. I only hope that I can help build on the success, perseverance and stability that Malloy has achieved throughout its history.

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