Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Visitors Using Embedded Form On Parc Pointe Website

The first users of the embedded form on the Parc Pointe Apartments website have submitted information. It’s good to know that people are actually using the form to schedule a time to come in and take a look at what is available. The entire process is credibly simple and much easier than building a form page, linking it to a CGI program (which has its own set of steps for implementation) and monitoring an email account.

All you have to do is create the form in Google Docs. Fields range from simple text boxes to multiple choice radio buttons or check boxes. You can generate a lot of them and I’m not quite sure if there is a limit. The best part is that you can make all the fields a requirement for users to fill out to ensure you are getting all the data you need. For a sales application this is critical as the more information a sales person has from the outset of a cold call or follow-up call, the better positioned they are to make a sale.

My next step is to set up a separate Google account for the apartment community as the current form is sending information to my account. This way people at the office will be able to log on every day or set up email alerts to be notified when a new user has submitted information.

On another note we have also had more visits from new regions of the country! Add Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, Alabama, Illinois, Connecticut and the District of Columbia to the list!

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