Friday, November 4, 2011

Malloy Incorporated launches into social media!

Over the past few days we have been preparing for the launch of the Malloy Incorporated (now Edwards Brothers Malloy) social media and web marketing campaign. I have created a presence for the company on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and of course a blog that is central to the overall effort. The tools that we have at our disposal are amazing in terms of watching the campaign unfold in real time.

Real time data

As part of the effort, an email blast was designed to draw attention to Malloy’s new web presence. This included a carefully crafted email message with links to our social media accounts and blog. The message was sent to over 3,400 Malloy customers using Constant Contact, a contact and email campaign management service. This is one of my first times using Constant Contact and I have to say that I am quite pleased with the functionality and features of the program. It delivers statistics such as bounce rate, spam reports, opt-outs, opens and click-through rates. You can also see the exact recipients that clicked on links in your email as well as those that just opened it.

Initial stats

This campaign launched at 8:34 am on November 4th (this morning) and we already have a stellar 7.7% CTR. It is so neat to see the correlation among people liking the Facebook page or following Malloy on Twitter and the statistics within Constant Contact.

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