Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Turn Your Resume Into A Website

I have given tips to people searching for employment to make a website out of their resume.  I have a lot of web development and marketing experience but I realize that others may not so I developed a template that people can copy and paste to make their own resume into a website.  With some simple changes/additions of text and a few technical steps, your resume can be out on the world wide web for employers to see.  Another thing that makes this more effective, especially for those in web marketing, web design or other types of design and video work is that you can easily guide employers to your work.  For example if you have websites that you have designed for clients or photographs or videos that you have done, you can link to these from within the experience section of the resume. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

5 Tips For Making The Best Of Your Company Facebook Timeline

If you are using Facebook for personal purposes, it probably doesn’t matter what your timeline looks like.  If you are a business who utilizes the platform for marketing, a highly customized timeline full of content will do wonders to engage users. 
Tip # 1 Add A Cover Photo

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tips for Bud Gibson's IS Class

Here are the slides from the brief presentation I gave to Dr. Gibson's IS class this evening.  It was an honor to come back to EMU and offer some tips on how to re-create some of the success I have experinced since graduating last year.  I want to take this chance to elaborate on some elements of the presentation and add some additional thoughts that I forgot to mention during my presentation. 

Here are the elements I expressed in my presentation in case you missed it and some additional details.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Loop A Youtube Video

I have recently seen videos around the web that loop over and over again and I thought that was a pretty cool feature. It is especially effective if you have a short punchy video that you want to autoplay when visitors arrive to your site and continue to play over an over without the user doing anything. At first I thought it would be incredibly easy to find the code to achieve this but I was mistaken. After scouring the web I finally found the answer I was looking for burried in comment threads on some obscure tech website.

So I thought I would spare others the aggravation and make it easy for them to find. A few simple pieces of code were added to the embedded video below to make it start when a visitor arrives on the page and continue to loop. You should note that if you have Google Adsense enabled on a video it is not wise to make this change. Google strictly monitors view counts and the code will either invalidate this data or prompt Google to stop displaying ads on the video all together. If you are tracking view counts for any other reason it is also unwise to make the change.

To start simply copy and paste the video embed code where you want it. Notice that after the www.youtube.com there is the word "embed". Replace this with the letter "v". Then add the following code to make the video loop -- &loop=1. If you want to make the video autoplay simply add &autoplay=1 either before or after the loop command. These lines of code must remain inside the quotations of the entire link URL. The code snippet should look like this.

There are other options out there for looping a Youtube video. For example if you go to your channel on Youtube and select the video you want to play, you can add the word "repeat" to the URL as it is displayed in the browser. Add the word directly after "youtube" in the URL. This takes you to a site where the video is automatically converted for you. The drawback here is that when you go to embed the video, the entire site is embedded in an iframe and you get unsightly scroll bars on the sides of the video, not to mention you are promoting someone else's site.

If you know any other creative ways to loop a video, let me know!

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