Wednesday, July 4, 2012

5 Tips For Making The Best Of Your Company Facebook Timeline

If you are using Facebook for personal purposes, it probably doesn’t matter what your timeline looks like.  If you are a business who utilizes the platform for marketing, a highly customized timeline full of content will do wonders to engage users. 
Tip # 1 Add A Cover Photo

This may seem obvious but many smaller companies, causes and/or public figures neglect to do this.  If your visitors are not familiar with how the timeline could look, you are missing out on a chance to show them something interesting, display a large logo, or an offer.  If people are familiar with how things are supposed to work, they may fault you for not adding this simple element.  Check out this Facebook timeline cheat sheet that offers dimensions and much more, brought to you by the Hubspot Blog.

Tip # 2 Talk About Your History

A great way to engage users on your page is to showcase your company history.  It doesn’t matter if you have a century’s worth of history or only a few months.  Add milestones with images that talk about important events along the way.  Showcase major accomplishments and tranisitions.  People connect with companies on Facebook to learn more about them or because they identify with that particular organization.  Providing more information in the form of who your company is and what it is all about is something people love to see. 

Tip # 3 Image, Images, Images!

The most powerful content online are images and videos.  Good videos can be difficult to make quickly but some eye catching images are relatively easy to produce and post on your page.  Post images of your business and be sure to include descriptions on them as well.  People love to look at pictures and you can also use this opportunity to showcase products, people, events or places that are associated with your business.  You can also take it one step further and display funny or interesting images that relate to products or services in some way.  These are the types of images that “go viral” or get shared among many users and among many networks rapidly.

Tip # 4 Add Applications

Good content is what keeps people coming back to a Facebook page or causes them to share it with their friends.  Applications are a great way to make your page more functional.  Apps from NorthSocial for example, allow you to provide driving directions, showcase useful documentation, sign up for mailing lists and a number of other actions.  This particular suite of applications also allows you to fan gate your pages so that you can build your audience.  If you are looking for apps that you can try without spending any money, you can try the Wildfire iframe app or Facebook’s built in Video and Twitter applications. 
Tip # 5 Pin A Post
Facebook’s new timeline allows you to pin a post to the top of the timeline.  This looks just like any other post except that it will not be pushed down when new content is added to the timeline.  You can use this to promote a special offer, showcase a particular video or image, give appreciation to a customer or for whatever else you want.

Is there something I missed? Please leave a comment and let me know about your timeline customizations. 

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