Friday, December 23, 2011

Facebook changes the way you add applications to your business page.

Facebook has once again changed the way its doing things. This time it involves setting up an application. Because applications are basically a web page displayed from within Facebook, it is easy to create interactive landing pages for your business page. It used to be that you created a new app from within the developer home page. Once all your settings were how you wanted them, you simply visited the “app profile page” and clicked the link in the left column that read “add to my Page”. Now things aren’t as easy.

There is however a pretty simple work around if your purpose for creating an app is to add a landing page to your business or other profile.

Fundamental changes

Facebook now has a new way of adding an application to your page. It requires embedding code that generates a popup window allowing you to add the application to your page. Build a new application just as you would before, aspects of this process have not changed.

This work around outlines how to add an application to your page if you are hosting your own application. Create a new HTML document and insert the following code in a anchor tag.

Insert your applications ID number along with the URL where it is hosted. Paste the code into your new HTML document in the form of a link. You can put what ever text you want into the anchor tag but you must put something otherwise you will not be able to see the link on the new page. Upload your newly created HTML file onto your server and visit the URL. Click the link and this is what you should see.

Select the page or pages you wish to add your application to. The “add to page” button should appear in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Visit the page you added the app to in order to see if you were successful.

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