Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 9 Dream Catchers For Abused Children Presentation

Here is the most recent Dream Catchers presentation. This week we focused on creating additional profiles within Google Analystics in order to create filters for data. Up to 50 profiles can be created within analytics so that the original account data can remain intact and filters can be applied to other profiles which serve as copies of the original.

We also created a goal for our donation campaign where we are tracking visits to the site and when visitors click on the "donate" button. We had to install code to track a virtual page view because the donate buttons take visitors to the Paypal secure site in order to enter their donation information. This URL is separate from the Dream Catcher's site. It should be interesting to see just how many users are coming through that landing page from our ads and how many are actually donating.

The donation ads continue to perform well with over a 1% CTR (click through rate)so there should be sufficient traffic to the donation landing page to start gathering some actionable data.

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