Sunday, May 8, 2011

A-records And Naked Domains Oh My!

Ever wonder how your browser got smart enough to take you to a page even when you leave the prefix www out of the equation? It has less to do with the browser and more to do with A-records. These are settings that are configured in your hosting or domain registration service such as When you type a naked domain such as into a browser instead of, you are linked to another IP address for which there is a record. If no such record exists, the user gets an error message. If you are using or some other domain registration service user will be directed to a page generated by that service. Either way, users are not seeing your site.

Most people, myself included, feel it second nature to just type a naked domain into a browser and expect to get the site we are thinking of. Should it not appear it is not a stretch to say that most people will resort to using a search engine before typing in www to get the result they want.

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