Thursday, June 23, 2011

Toys For Abused Children Campaign Idea And Indirect SEO For Dream Catcher's

I have an interesting donation campaign idea that I ran by the CEO of our NPO today. In the beginning of our work, I asked our sponsor about where the majority of donations were going that came from the site. She told me that some went for promotional material and other parts of them went to purchase gifts for abused children at the holidays.

I was on Google Adwords using the keyword tool trying to find out what terms people are using when they want to donate to a cause. Not Surprisingly there are thousands of global and monthly searches for things like “donations for children, “needy children”, “toy donations”, and “help abused children”. While some of these searchers may have the intent of helping poverty stricken or less fortunate children, those and abused children may often fall into the same category. Something tells me that a caring persona, after seeing some of the sad faces at the DreamCatcher’s sight, might not care what type of situation a child is in as long as they need help.

The other part of this campaign working relies heavily on the landing page at DreamCatcher’s . People that donate online want the process to be quick and they want to know where the money is going. This is in part due to the fact that they cannot actually talk to a real person before entering their credit card info or Paypal email. Even though donation amounts on the web are typically smaller people remain reluctant to give if they don’t see how their money is helping.

On another note, I’m hoping to use some SEO tactics to some better organic results for DreamCatcher’s . By including a large number of relevant backlinks such as DreamCatcher’s and child abuse as well as the words linked above to the NPO’s donation landing page, the Dream Catcher's site will be pushed higher in organic results.

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